humiliating warehouse hazing ceremony for a bunch of sorority pledges

This a picture gallery taken from a hazing ceremony we had last year which was one of the hottest we have gotten so far.  Taking place in a warehouse with lots of room for the seniors to really drill the new freshmen these girls really get a workout and a lesson in humiliation and what it takes to be part of a sorority.

Brought in with bags over their heads the  pledges are disoriented and unsure what’s about to happen next when they get a lesson from one of the seniors who gives them a lecture about what is expected of them to be considered a real member of the sorority sisterhood.  The rest of the seniors look on with contempt as the naked pledges stand in front of them obviously embarrassed and trying to cover up the nude bodies when the word cone down.. Its time to rush ladies.

A series of naked exercises follows and some weird stuff like one girl made to do push ups while another girl lies with her legs spread and every time the other girls goes down she has to kiss her sorority sisters pussy!  The girls are then soaped down to remove their impurities and dirty skanky past and then made to wrestle naked.  The winner gets to have her pussy eaten out and the looser is made to lick.  Really crazy stuff going on here but it’s all in good fun and as sexy as can be.


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Male fraternity pledge treated like a dog by slutty sorority sisters who put on a lesbian pussy licking show



This is a bit different than most of the other video on my site and is actually taken from my membership from college rules rather than haze her.  Instead of a group of sorority hopefuls this is one guy who is hopping to be accepted into a fraternity house but instead of the guys doing the hazing a bunch of slutty sorority girls are brought in to do the humiliating initiation of this male pledge.  These girls have no mercy and treat him like an absolute dog.

He is made to crawl on all fours like a pet dog while one of the girls takes of her panties and shoves her ass directly in his face., smell my ass boy she tells him. he then has some sort of pacifier placed in his mouth.  The sorority girls made a deal with him as a sort of test and promised he could fuck them all as long as he didn’t get an erection while they put on their own sexy lesbian show right in front of him.

It must have been one hell of a tough task to watch these filthy minded coeds go down on each other and engage in some intense pussy licking while he had to stand there and watch while they pointed at his soft dick and laughed.  Somehow he managed and the ladies kept their promise so he bent them over and proceeded to bang their sweet college pussies doggy style.  Not only did he pass his hazing and become a full member of the fraternity of brothers but he also got to fuck these sluts.  What an afternoon of fun university sex games, makes me wish I was back in college for sure.

Sorority pledge complains about degrading and humiliating lesbian hazing



I almost have to feel a little bad for this girl, she just can’t believe the sort of humiliating and outright lesbian things the girls in the sorority are making her do during her rush week.  In fact she even sets up her own video to show exactly what is happening because she is sure that no on will believe her.  :when I joined this sorority I knew there would be some sort of hazing going on but what I didn’t expect was for the other girls to be grabbing my ass and feeling my pussy and tits whenever they feel like it”.  Its degrading, its humiliating and quite frankly its just dykey”  She then sets up the camera in the corner of the room to get it all on type.

As it turns out she need not have bothered as the sorority girls come into her room with their own video camera so they can film the next stage of her sorority hazing and she is brought out into the main room with 2 other sorority pledges and that’s where the lesbian action really begins.

They are forced to take off each others panties and then 2 of the girls are told to make out with each other, they are totally hesitant but for some reason they go through with it.  Soon all 3 of the pledges are completely naked and some strapon dildos are produced but even I didn’t expect this sorority hazing to go this far and soon enough all the we are witness to the girls getting fucked with the big dildo by their fellow sorority sisters.  One of the pledges is even forced to lick one of the older girls pussies.  It really has to make you wonder if being in this sorority is really worth it?

Hardcore hazing ceremony where sorority pledges are forced into lesbian asslicking



Its truly amazing the sort of humiliation some girls will go through just be accepted as one of the girls in a sorority and although the timeless practice of hazing is now outlawed in most colleges across the country I guess these girls never got that memo.  This is pretty out there and one of the more wild college initiation scenes I have witnessed.  It starts with the new pledges being led into a workout room and made to get nude and exercise while their sorority sisters hurl insults at them.  Something I’ve never seen before in these haze her videos however is when all the girls are lined up and made to lick one of the fellow pledges ass.  I must admit there  is something strangely erotic about watching a young girl lick another girls ass but I was surprised that not one of the pledges backed out.

After the workout its off to the dorm room showers where the girls clean each others naked bodies and following the instructions of their sorority sisters things get even more intimate and there is soon a human centipede of freshmen licking pussy and fingering each others tight snatches!  A great video submission and the clear winner for this week.  There is no doubt the girls in this hazing video totally earned that ten grand.  Well done ladies, we salute you

Sorority ladies clean house in the nude then get fucked by lesbian sister with strapon dildo



It was a big night out for the more experienced at this sorority when some of the frat boys came over and partied it up with the ladies now its the next day and the sorority house is a mess.  But really I mean who can be fucked cleaning it up yourself when you have a bunch of eager pledges desperate to be a part of your sorority who you can boss around and what better time to give them an introduction to sorority life than now.

Today we got to watch a group of college hoes dominate and exploit and group of freshman pledges getting to clean up after the wild party night in the nude and for the girls who didn’t get any action the night they can always use the new pledges to make them cum!  Well that’s exactly what they do in this video where one of the sorority sisters straps on a dildo around her waist and proceeds to take out her frustration for not getting any cock the night before on a shy newcomer by making her suck her off before bending her over and literally fucking the shame right out of her.  Welcome to the sorority bitch.  One of the other ladies even gets nude in the shower and takes advantage of the pledges by having them shave her legs and then licking her pussy and they better damm make her cum or else.


What is hazing? Definition of college hazing and sorority life


Hazing is the process where new members to a group are subjected to a series of tests that are both physical and mental and in the case of this site sexual in order to join.  While many have called for the act of hazing to be outlawed as they think it causes trauma others see it as just good fun and a positive thing that promotes togetherness, respect, courage and a huge sense of accomplishment.  In the case of this site, sororities across the country are encouraged to put new sorority pledges through a vigorous sexual hazing that often results in outright lesbian sex and the girls are offered $10000 to send in the sexiest video footage they can make to us.

The above hazing video is a great example where a group of pledges desperate to join a sorority are forced to strip nude and are them mocked and humiliated and are made to perform various degrading and humiliating acts.  The college girls in this video are even made to perform lesbian sex acts on their sorority sisters for the amusement of the group!  Well, licking pussy never hurt anyone and is a great way to bring the girls together as a wild nude initiation into sorority life


College sorority girls streaking nude in the dorm during hazing ceremony




The girls in this video were obviously after the money so they encourage their sorority pledges on to act sexy for the camera shouting at them, come on bitches do you want that money or not.  The winner of the sexiest hazing video sent into the haze her website wins $10000 for for a bunch of sorority girls with no jobs that sure is a lot of money.  They have all 6 girls line up and tell them to bend over g;ashing their ass  while one of the girls films and gets a closeup of all their asses as they wiggle their bum checks and then the real testing begins.

The first test in this lesbian hazing is for courage so the girls are brought out into the hallway naked and told to ride a bike up and down the dorm hallway its just some sexy public nudity fun with cute college girls but the action really begins in the final test of trust and support when the girls are made to perform lesbian sex acts on each other and they lie down and lick each others pussies while their big sorority sisters watch on and encourage from the sidelines.



Formal college hazing ceremony where new pledges are fucked with a strapon dildo



This is one of the more formal college hazing type videos where the girls are actually dressed up in robes and the new rush pledges are made to stand naked in front of the older sorority sisters who sit behind a bench and pass judgement on them like in a courtroom.  Today is their day of reckoning where they will pass from girls into full members of the sorority sisterhood but first they must prove they have what it takes and submit to their nude sorority hazing.

No virgins are allowed in this group, they want girls who can get some action and live up to the reputation of the sorority as a group of sexy party girls.  As the ladies of the sorority house watch on the new pledges are instructed to get on their knees and show off the blowjob skills for all to see and are then fucked by the senior sorority sister who takes to the embarrassed nude females with a strap on dildo!  They say college is a time of experimentation and no doubt the girls in this hazing video get a totally new and unexpected experience today.  Thanks for sending in the video ladies, it was sexy as all fuck and congrats on winning the $10000 prize.


Haze her video – naked exercise and pussy licking for the freshmen

*Video:best in show college girls forced to act like dogs


A new batch of fresh meat college girls are going through a hazing today but its time to see if they have what it takes before they can proudly call themselves a sister in this sorority.  They are told to undress to their underwear but the older girls are not impressed at the girls weight. The girl in this hazing clip makes quite a good point, “what the fuck is the point of being a sorority sister if you can’t even get laid?  So its time to give the girls a little workout.  “move it bitches” and lets see some squats! do some exercise so you can get some action!  Next comes a lesson in taking care of your fellow sister and licking pussy is a skill all the girls must learn for when there is no dick to be found.  One of the senior sisters even takes over herself as she is not satisfied at the new girls technique, lol.


Snitches are bitches – Haze her update with sorority pledge forced into dog cage

*Video:college girl forced in dog cage during sorority hazing


One of the first things a new freshman sorority pledge should learn is loyalty for your fellow sorority sisters, these girls take it very seriously and dont appreciate girls who rat out their sisters so when one of the new girls is found out for telling on one of the other sorority girls for staying out late with a boy and breaking her curfew they decide to teach her a lesson she will not soon forget.  This is an old school sorority hazing where not only is the girl accused of the crime punished but her fellow freshman sisters are also made to pay as a lesson is sticking together.

Forced to get nude they stick the blonde girl in a dog cage  and lock it treating her like the dirty dog she is and they take turns in taunting and sexually abusing the poor freshman pledge.  As an example of how true sorority sisters will do anything for their fellow girl they forced to pleasure the seniors and make them cum by wilfully licking their pussies in a lesbian erotic show.  You simply never ever dob on your fellow sorority girl no matter what!