Girls film embarrassing college hazing where pledges are forced naked in a best in show parade

*Video:degrading hazing video of new girls forced naked and made to bark like a dog


For many college is a time to break free and open yourself up to new experiences.  For example most girls experience their first lesbian encounter in college but I’m sure these new sorority pledges never expected their first lesbian experience to be quite like this!  All they wanted was to be one of the girls in the coolest sorority house on campus and although they were warned about the hazing all new pledges must go through they thought it would be easy until they found themselves on their hands and knees completely naked and being led around with a dog collar around their necks like a dog show parade!  Worse still a bunch of fraternity boys were sitting down judging them as their big sisters called them bitches and forced them to bark like a dog and fetch dildos with their teeth.

The guys just laughed at their humiliation and placed plates on their backs to eat snacks off of before the new girls who barely knew each others name were told to lick one anothers pussies!  Although hesitant the girls meekly submitted to their perverted wishes in a desperate attempt to make the other girl cum in front of an approving audience!  Its really amazing the things some girls will do to be accepted and become part of the group.  This is sure a nude hazing they will not soon forget :)

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